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Public Affairs

Policy + Legislative Communications Grassroots/GrassĀ­tops Advocacy

We are no strangers to how the federal legislative and regulatory process works. Our expertise gives us the background and relationships to influence the process, constructively for the greatest results.

Strategic Message Development

Corporate Diversity/Inclusion, Executive Positioning and Internal Communications

There's more to communicating than just talking. It's what you say, when and to whom. Whether you're talking to communities of color or policy makers we know our clients want to be heard. Strategic message development is critical to that process.

Crisis Management

Rapid Response, Reputation Management and Stakeholder Engagement

Legendary newspaper columnist Walter Winchell once said, "Today's gossip is tomorrow's headline." It doesn't have to be. Managing a crisis requires experience, relationships and, most of all, grit. IR+Media has managed sensitive crises for some of the world's most iconic brands. How? By seeing the crisis as an opportunity to redirect, redefine, and re-engage.

Media Relations

Publicity, Press Relationships and External Communications

Good news means nothing if nobody hears about it. Our massive rolodex and solid media relationships will provide necessary third-party validation to your company or cause, hitting your target audiences and mobilizing public opinion.

Digital Communication

Social Media Strategy Development and Creative Content

Having trouble reaching your audience in 140 characters or less? From Twitter to Facebook, Instagram to Snapchat and all points in between we've got your social media needs covered. Let us help you build your virtual communities and networks through creative and targeted messaging that is sure to help you rule the web.